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OUSA Members, use this link.

Not a member? Join OUSA or sign up for the Level 1 Coach Certification Course here.

Next up, you should establish your Coach's Notebook before delving into the units. If you're not used to displaying your work online, this may require some thought and looking at examples before you're ready to go.   There are examples on on the Coaching site you can look at once your registration has been processed. You should also take some time to introduce yourself to your future classmates so when we get to Module 2, we already feel like a community.

Finally, order or download a copy of the course text: Discovering Orienteering.
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Module 1 (self-paced, prerequisite for Module 2)

Complete your registration, and be sure to provide a link to your Coach's Notebook. Although this module is self-paced, you will receive peer and instructor feedback on your entries.

You'll want to keep track of your progress along the way. Keys to success:

  • Use the same name every time you take a quiz
  • Take screenshots or photos of quiz results once you score 90% or higher, or record the date and score in your Coach's Notebook
  • Provide the link to your Coach's Notebook
  • Make a note of whose Coach's Notebooks you comment on, and when.
  • Save a copy of your SafeSport certificate or federation equivalent if from a federation outside the USA.

Module 2

 Sign up here for the next Module 2 cohort or weekend clinic near you. Note that if you have not completed Module 1 by one week prior to the start date, your seat may be given to a student on the wait list who has.

Are you a member of an orienteering federation other than OUSA? Email the coaching staff for information on whether space is available before registering. Please include details if you are currently coaching US orienteers living abroad.

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